Gambling is a universal phenomenon. Besides, technological advances and the Internet have further made it possible for you to gamble from any part of the world at any time of the day or night. Such online game sites and casinos prove to be a boon to many to overcome their boredom and monotony in life. Hence, men and women, young and old, all vie to gamble at some or the other time in their lives. Although essentially, gambling should never be a means of satisfying your financial necessities, yet most come to gambling for the lure of money only. Gambling urges and habits also prove to be different among men and women. Although there is no scientific proof to back these claims, yet such traits occur in most cases. Therefore, many accept it to be a feature of the respective gender.

Gambling and Men

Often mention of a gambler normally conjures up an image of a male only. This is because men gamble more frequently than women do. Since time immemorial, men have been regular gamblers. A woman entering the gambling arena has been a recent feature. Therefore, the basic difference continues. Men are more likely to gamble more often than women are. Another possible reason for this could be the adventurous and daring spirit of males. Men, by their inborn nature are more fearless and bold. They are ready to face the uncertainties involved in gambling. They rather like to go in for heroic and adventurous things in life. Women are soft, gentle, and timid in nature. They therefore stay away from uncertainties, dangers, and other risky ventures.

Another concurrent difference between men and women gamblers is that men begin gambling as early as in their late teens. Women are safe players and enter gambling dens late, as late as in their late twenties. Sometimes, women take to gambling very late in life well past their fifties and sixties. This is to evade boredom and loneliness in life. Men often flock to blackjack and poker tables. They enjoy these games as they offer more risks in gambling. You could earn lots if you win. Otherwise, you could lose similar amount of money through your bets too. Women tend to have greater fascination and attraction towards simpler and less risky games like bingo and slots. These games do not involve high risks. Therefore, it satisfies the feminine urge for a little merriment by taking part in safe gambling.

As men are willing to undertake higher risks, they place larger bets. Men exhibit a very competitive spirit. They gamble and form strategies and other techniques to win at a game. Men tend to take up gambling very seriously and want to win back their wager with extra winnings. Women prefer placing smaller bets to satisfy their urge to gamble. They gamble just for the fun of it and therefore, do not apply any specific strategies or develop special winning odds. Their docile nature makes them exhibit a less competitive spirit. These differences do exhibit certain gender dissimilarities in men and women in their attitudes towards gambling. Of course, this is no clear and justified discussion. Exceptions are omnipresent and hence, there are women standing on an equal pedestal and taking on men in their gambling arena. However, for the most part, these observations are common and occur predominantly.